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automates the entire policy management lifecycle, ensuring that only the right employees receive, read, understand and sign-up to corporate Policies and Operational Procedures. This ensures consistent audited communication with the workforce and reduces the risk of regulatory fines and reputational damage. PolicyHub generates detailed reports and audit trails that provide Senior Management with demonstrable evidence of governance / regulatory compliance accountability, and escalation procedures in the event of non-compliance.


is a comprehensive ECM platform that delivers end-to-end control of all the content across an organisation, regardless of its original form whether that be: scanned documents, text files, images, word documents, emails, print streams and spreadsheets - many enterprises today are struggling with content chaos.

Volante designer tools

Volante provides financial data and message integration software for the global financial services industry. For more than a decade Volante has assimilated a wealth of knowledge and developed a wide range of plug-ins to support international and domestic proprietary formats that we can apply to our customer projects. This ensures faster implementation and improved return on your investment.

For example, Payments (Interbank, corporate-to-bank, bank-to-bank and / or corporate-to-utility payments, bank to utility; corporate on-boarding). Industry and regulatory change is constant and keeping abreast and updating payment systems, messages and processes can prove costly in terms of time, risk and resource.

IBM WebSphere

As systems integrators, TFA helps customers implement and integrate IBM’s WAS in their IT infrastructures to achieve SOA objectives.

The WebSphere foundation and platform provides customers with the technologies and tools that are needed to make business agile and applications flexible. It provides the application development support to build the types of applications that are needed today, and it provides operational support to keep applications secure and available.

IBM Worklight

IBM® Worklight® Foundation helps you extend your business to mobile devices. It is designed to provide an open, comprehensive platform to build, test, run and manage native, hybrid and mobile web apps. IBM Worklight Foundation can help reduce both app development and maintenance costs, improve time-to-market and enhance mobile app governance and security.

fingerprint readers

fingerprint readers